How to Make Yourself Sneeze on Command?

How to make yourself sneeze on command when you can’t? It happens many times that we want to sneeze but we couldn’t. Sometimes a sneeze just stuck at the tip of the nose. Sneezing can be triggered. Sneezing is a natural process, but you might want to sneeze by tickling some sneezing spots. Purpose of sneezing is to get rid of unwanted substances from the nose. Every individual has different sensitivity according to how an individual responds to different irritants. Follow few simple steps to make yourself sneeze:

How to Make Yourself Sneeze

Best Ways to Make Yourself Sneeze:

1. Pluck Your Nose Hair

This is the easiest way to sneeze. Try to pluck your nose hair to trigger a sneeze. Pluck a hair inside your nose using tweezers. It may hurt if you pluck more hair at a time. You will sneeze quickly as soon as you pull the hair out with strong force.

2. Make Yourself Sneeze by Tickling Your Nose

Tickle your nose by using a small tissue. Put it into your nose and roll up the tissue to tickle a bit. Till the sneeze comes continue tickling.

3. Wiggle Roof of Your Mouth

Move your tongue to tickle the roof of your mouth. This helps to make yourself sneeze by flicking the soft tissues with tongue.

4. Pull Your Eyebrows

Pluck out some hair from eyebrows to trigger sneezing. A sneeze can be stimulated by pulling out hair to trigger the muscles. You can scratch your eyebrows to make yourself sneeze.

5. Have Fizzy Drinks 

Try fizzy drinks like cold drinks, soda or lemonade to make yourself sneeze. Strong bubbly drink sometimes trigger the sneeze.

6. Try Some Spices

Sniff spices to trigger a sneeze. Take cumin powder or coriander on a piece of paper. Inhale the spices slowly. Don’t let a large chunk of spices enter your nose as it may cause a burning sensation.

7. Try Sneezing Powder

You can get sneezing powder easily from stores or you can shop online. Sneezing powder is made of the few spices combined together. Read the instructions carefully and use as it may contain some poisonous substances.

8. Try to Fake Sneeze

You can make yourself sneeze by pretending to sneeze. As it may sometimes result in actual sneeze. Fake Sneezing sometimes triggers the muscles. It has surprising results.

9. Go out and Look at Sun Suddenly

Some people sneeze as soon as they go out in the sun. Looking at some bright light may trigger muscles and stimulate your sneeze. You may sneeze continuously if you have photic sneeze reflex. Many individuals are “Sun Sneezers” with a count of 17% to 35%.

10. Breath Cold Air or Cold Water

Effective way to trigger your sneeze is to snort some water or take a deep breath of cold air. Try inhaling Cold Air suddenly from outside or from the freezer. Another way is to gently inhale water with your nose. When water hits the nose it triggers your sneeze muscles. Don’t inhale a lot of water at a time.

Other Useful Tips to Make Yourself Sneeze:

  • Use a feather to tickle your nose.
  • Try to take your head back.
  • Never stop a sneeze in between as it may damage your ears or blood vessels.
  • Try fake sneezing continuously till the actual sneeze comes.
  • Slowly breathe as it may result in sneezing.
  • Try having strong mint gums.
  • Keep a tissue handy whenever you sneeze and don’t spread germs across and wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Cutting an onion can also result in sneezing.
  • Put your hand on some cold metal. This may trigger the sneeze.
  • Don’t use sharp instruments to pluck your nose as it may cause damage.


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